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UiPath – We make software robots, so you don’t have to be a robot.

We are proud resellers and service partners of UiPath.

UiPath is a robotic process automation (RPA) platform for large-scale end-to-end automation.

RPA is a software technology that is used to build, deploy, and manage software robots that emulate humans’ actions interacting with digital systems and software. Software robots can do things like understand what’s on a screen, complete the right keystrokes, navigate systems, identify and extract data, and perform a wide range of defined actions.

Why is RPA transformative?

RPA technology is changing how the world gets work done.

Software robots—instead of people—do repetitive and lower-value work, like logging into applications and systems, moving files and folders, extracting, copying, and inserting data, filling in forms, and completing routine analyses and reports.


Advanced robots can even perform cognitive processes, like interpreting text, engaging in chats and conversations, understanding unstructured data, and applying advanced machine learning models to make complex decisions.

When robots do these types of repetitive, high-volume tasks, humans are freed to focus on the things they do best and enjoy more: innovating, collaborating, creating, and interacting with customers. Enterprises get a boost too: higher productivity, efficiency, and resilience.

RPA is driving new efficiencies and freeing people from repetitive tasks across a broad range of industries and processes.

RPA has become so widespread because it is broadly applicable. Virtually any high-volume, business-rules-driven, repeatable process is a great candidate for automation—and increasingly so are cognitive processes that require higher-order artificial intelligence skills.

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Accelerated transformation

Major cost savings

Greater resilience to match workload peaks

Improved Compliance

Higher accuracy

Robotic process automation is a method of accelerating an organisation’s digital transformation to improve individual processes, deploy automation, streamline entire workflows and drive measurable business value. Software robots remove the repetitive tasks from key business processes. It increases business efficiency and frees employees to concentrate on knowledge-based activities that deliver real value. RPA streamlines workflows, which results in the organisation to be more profitable, flexible and responsive.

RPA is non-invasive and can be rapidly implemented to accelerate digital transformation It is also ideal for automating workflows that involve legacy systems that lack APIs, virtual desktop infrastructures (VDIs), or database access. Benefits to the business include:​

Boosted productivity

More value from personnel focusing on more strategic work


Our services lead approach to everything that we do allows our specialists to create unique business value and solve real business problems.

Our unique services approach allows us to adapt to ever-changing customer environments to ensure that the benefits of the RPA software are achieved, and the automation strategy of any organization is seamlessly implemented through collaboration to achieve maximum business value.

Our services include:


Designing an RPA ecosystem


Business Process Steps


Process Flow control


Deploy RPA components


Problem Identification


Process Mining


RPA Bot Development


Requirement Gathering


Data Management


Testing and Troubleshooting

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