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What is Robotic Process Automation (RPA)?

Robotic Process Automation is what enables users and businesses to remove mundane, routine, and repetitive tasks via the use of software robots.


Through the use of RPA, users and businesses will be able to claim back and redirect their time and attention to more important tasks.

"RPA is the fastest growing category of Enterprise Software (growing at 65% CAGR according to Forrester)."

Why UiPath?

UiPath is recognized as the leader in Robotic Process Automation and is the fastest-growing enterprise software company in history.


UiPath's minimal-code, drag and drop Studio development platform enables RPA developers to quickly and easily implement robots that use a combination of groundbreaking Computer Vision and UI-selector technology to navigate applications and mimic user inputs to automate and-to-end business processes.


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Working with leading Institutions, Universities, Colleges, Governments, and other public or private educational organizations, we craft the global RPA knowledge ecosystem. We are shaping the future of work through an inclusive community ranging from young students to experienced professionals. Together, we are:

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Instituting RPA as a discipline in education

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Preparing users with in-demand automation skills

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Connecting students and educators to a community of practitioners

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Creating RPA awareness across the entire institution

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Creating a differentiator for your institution



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Courses for all students that are in depth and comprehensive

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Specially designed and developed RPA curricula

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Courses receive annual updates for universities

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Knowledge transfer and training for educators

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Online communities and forums

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Allow partner institutions to include UiPath courses in all educational programs, including adult education and continuous learning

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